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ECU Academician Workstation was launched in 2010, which was the sixth Academician Workstation of Anhui Province, whose primary projects are “Technology research and industrialization of research of new-energy power supply” “High-voltage & high-power iron core” “High-voltage & low-inductance capacitor”. With advantage of profession from the Academy and resource sharing with XJTU School of Electrical Engineering, ECU keep overcoming Pinch Technology of domestic high-end power supply, then seize power supply and related industry market.

After establishing series of scientific research platforms, such as “Anhui Provincial Technology Center” “Hefei Power-Electronic Engineering Technology Center” “Anhui Provincial Academician Workstation”. In 2012, ECU was allowed to establish “Anhui Provincial Postdoctoral Workstation”, which will further enhances the level & strength of our scientific research, forms completed talent team and high-level research and innovation platform and develops ECU as an influential energy company of CETC.